At Waitemata Hunt, an artificial scent is laid across the countryside during the Hunt meet.  Hounds, Huntsman, Master and the field of riders follow the scent over well prepared jumps, or through the farm gates.  We get to enjoy the thrill of following a pack of hounds at full cry, over some magnificent countryside.  Waitemata Hunt's territory is predominantly to the north west of Auckland, on many farms situated between Coatesville to the south, South Head to the west and State Highway 16 to the north.  

Joining the Waitemata Hunt is a rewarding and fun experience. The hunt offers an annual calendar of events including hunting, treks, hunt schools, hunter trials, day treks, orienteering, competitions, and non-mounted social events. 

We hunt twice a week during the 'hunt season' which is March - June. And outside of the hunt season run other activities.

Most members choose to pay the annual subscription by automatic payment, meaning you can spread the cost over the full year by paying weekly, fortnightly, or monthly rather than having to pay the membership fee all in one lump sum. 

Opt out of Sparring

This season there is also the choice to 'opt out of sparring'. The cost for this is $100 and this amount is payable before 10/2/2017.  After this date remaining members will be allocated to sparring teams as usual.  You can indicate your preference for this option by completing the 2017 online membership form.


Subscriptions for the 2017 season are:

  • Adult $500 plus a one off payment of $25 for NZHA 
  • Juniors $150 plus a one off payment of $25 for NZHA
  • Tertiary Student $250 plus a one off payment of $25 for NZHA (must be FTE student).
  • Riding Farmers $250 plus a one off payment of $25 for NZHA 
  • Associate (non-riding) $35
  • Cappers are required to pay a one off payment of $13 for NZHA at their first cap

To renew your membership or to join the Waitemata Hunt for the 2017 season, please click on the link below and complete the online form.

2017 Membership Form

Membership Enquiry

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