If you are a junior hunt member aged 12 or under, you need a riding parent or guardian out with you on the hunt field. 

So in order to make sure you can come out and hunt with us all the time, your mum, dad or caregiver can now cap/ride at as many hunts while they are accompanying you... there is no 4 cap/ride limit for them. 

Go on, do the dishes, make your bed, and clean your room... do what ever it takes to be able to come out hunting!

Our Junior Members programme includes the following fun events:

  • Pre-season training programme
  • Hunt school tuition
  • Introduction to hunting days
  • Childrens Hunts
  • Junior Camp(s)!
  • Pony Sprint race & Tip N Out competition
  • The opportunity to race at Ellerslie racecourse
  • Junior Hunter Trials competition

Our aim is to provide an affordable, supportive and encouraging environment for  junior horse riders through our Junior Members Club. For more information contact the Junior Programme co-ordinator Cherie Henry after hours on 09 416 9792.